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Monday, 12 May 2008

have a look at this.
Lets hope soon I'll be searching around for questions to ask the man himself.
(Though somehow it seems doubtful)

Dear Mayor's office,
I am the creator of a new successful blog scrutinising the work of our new Mayor of London- boriswatchers
While the site is highly critical of many of his actions, in the spirit of the new transparency and openness that the campaign promised I am writing to request an interview with Mayor Johnson.

This would be a great opportunity for him to clear up the ambiguity about the alcohol ban or explain to Londoners how the £92,000,000 gap in the funding for the Routemasters will be resolved.

While I was a supporter of his, I am sure Ken would have not given a blogger critical of him the time of day.
Can Boris take a step like this and show theres a real change of style in City Hall?

I eagerly await your reply,
Yours sincerely
Gus Baker

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