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Monday, 12 May 2008

Boris on Bolly same night as Tube Booze Ban

The londonpaper have hit the nail right on the head when they reported about the Mayor's "true blue Tory knees-up" :

"His big night out came on the same day as he announced a booze ban on the Tube - but the mop haired Mayor was rarely spotted without a glass in his hand."

Boris on Bolly same night as Tube Booze Ban - click to see larger

Interesting that the Londonpaper also made the same point as the London Underground Blog - even though Annie made the comment several days before. Both she and them found irony in his election victory speech "Let's get cracking tomorrow and let's have a drink tonight", when one of the first transport acts was to ban drinks on the Tube. (see the penultimate paragraph in the report from the Londonpaper which can be compared with the opening of Annie's blog post).

Nice to see bloggers possibly influencing how the press report stories again! Perhaps Mayor Boris may take up Gus's offer of an interview after all.

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