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Monday, 5 May 2008

Boris plans to ban all booze from the Tube

One of Boris Johnson's first plans is a new policy of banning alcohol on the London Underground. According to The Sun

Boris Bans Booze on the Tube screengrab from The Sun

Boris Johnson had said: "London has a higher rate of alcohol-related crimes than any other region in England and I have been told time and again that people are scared of taking the Underground late at night because of aggressive behaviour by drunken yobs.Too many people find themselves forced to sit opposite someone swigging from a can of lager and engaging in behaviour that is intimidating or worse. I want everyone's journeys to be safer and more pleasant"

Here's what Iain Dale a Boris Supporter who was on the BBC had to say:

"As a liberal Conservative I instinctively recoil from banning things. However, is it liberal to allow tube users to be abused by drunken louts? No, definitely not. I think this policy will be welcomed by many as long as it is policed properly."

Boris knows all there is to know about policing things. Look at him in his policeman's hat this morning in The Sun.

As with most things Boris related it's not quite clear yet what this ban means - "alcohol will be made illegal on the Tube". Is it a blanket ban? Can you not carry along bottles of wine or beer that you are taking to a party? What about booze in your shopping bag? It will be interesting to find out.


Mex said...

Loving how he says "I've been told..." that booze is a problem on the Tube. Probably cos he's never travelled on it at night and has no idea what it's like.

Plus loving that he's majorly playing the "I'm sooo ethnic" card again by going to the Sikh festival. Quite how long he will manage this without getting an egg thrown at him is anyone's guess.

Robert said...

Does anyone want to travel the underground drinking in a group before the ban is passed or goes into effect? I know of some people who would like to do this for the fun of it, but also as a kind of protest against laws that do little to the solve problems they intend to solve. As I recall, when the Blair government proposed this same ban the Tories laughed at it as another example of the nanny state going over the top. But now it is a Tory proposal!