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Monday, 5 May 2008

BBC News

Boris and Crime.

While crime figures in London were last year were down, an alarming increase in teenage murders meant that the issue was at the front and centre of the election.

“I’ve been elected on a clear manifesto to clear up crime, particularly on the places for which the Mayor is directly responsible, on public transport.”

Unfortunately it has been barely a few days since his election and already Boris is playing politics with the police. In his typical bull headedness Boris has put 'on notice' the highly respected head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair. This move isn't designed to help cut crime but to pick a fight on law and order with the Labour government. Boris doesn't technically have the legal authority to sack Blair, but with his mandate from London the home scecretary would find it impossible to resist him if Boris decided the Commissioner of police had to go.

Crime has fallen dramatically under Sir Ian, with gun crime figures today the lowest since 2000 and a significant fall on all areas of crime. See here . The only thing that Boris can wish to accomplish by publically threatening the head of the police is a political battle with a Labour home secretary to benefit the Conservatives.

We deserve better than this Boris.


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