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Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Conductor Saga

Does anyone have a spare £100m?
Despite having followed the Ken/Boris campaign ridiculously closely, I am still nowhere nearer to knowing what the current line from camp Johnson is about his plans for the Routemaster.

"It's absolutely true that if you are going to bring back a Routemaster, or have a new Routemaster, you would need a conductor with them... it would cost £8million to have conductors on each of these buses per year."

Boris Johnson, Radio London, 27 February 2008

I'm sure our blonde friend thinks this issue is old news.
He won the election, who cares?
However with one of his key election promises so clearly uncosted and unclear, the people who voted him in have a right to know whether it will go ahead or not.

Furthermore BoJo has insisted that the busses will be ready for the 21st century and a competition will be held to design them.
How can the cost of a bus that hasnt been designed been estimated!
"You basically have no idea what they would cost do you."
Andrew Neil at the at the BBC London debate.

Yet Boris continued
"I stick by the cost of £8m."
see the debate here .

In fact it took a woman on the campaign trail to finally coax out the dishonesty about the cost of an issue which Johnson made central to his campaign.

This isn't just me being bitter about the election. it might be a bit
But there are some serious questions to be answered about Boris' ability to meet campaign promises.
Anyone out there with any idea?
I'd love an answer.

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