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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Boris chooses convicted fraudster and sleazy Tory to run London

Who is he?

Lord Charles Brocket, old Etonian chum of BJs.

What did he do?

"Brocket hit the healdlines when he was convicted for conspiracy to defraud an insurance company of £54,500,000 in 1996. The scam only came to light after Brocket's wife was arrested for forging drug prescriptions and then confessed all to the police. " Tory Troll

What does Boris want with him?

Boris has met 'Charlie' to hear his advice about improving the transport system!

Read Telegraph article

Who is he?
Sir Simon Milton
Senior Adviser for planning.
What did he do?

Sir Simon was a member of the Conservative group of Councillors in Westminster, lead by Shirley Porter, who sold council houses to Tory voters to try and stay in power.

When Shirley was asked the pay the £42,000,000 she had stolen from tax payers, Sir Simon (acting as the new head of Westminster council) decided that his old friend should only give £12.3m back.

What does Boris want him for?
Since Sir Simon has so much practice in dodgy dealings with housing it seems fitting for him to lead Boris's attack on low income house buyers by scrapping the requirement that 50% of homes should be affordable.

From Tory Troll

What happened to your plans to clean up City Hall Boris?

The people of London elected you knowing full well that convicted fraudsters and crooks make up seem to make up most of your friendship group (Conrad Black and Darius 'Darry' Guppy but its probably a good idea if you keep them away from the governing of our great city.

Its barely a week since you were ranting about Ken's inner circle of advisers and confidants but already a stench of hypocricy is coming from the South Bank.

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